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[edit] S5

S5 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2alpha2 can all still be found on Eric Meyer's site:

[edit] Django S5

[edit] Drupal S5

[edit] Dokuwiki S5 Reloaded

[edit] Joomla!

[edit] jQuery.s5

[edit] S5 reloaded

[edit] Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (uses jQuery.s5)

[edit] Plone S5

[edit] spod5 (Perl POD to S5)



[edit] Others

[edit] S6

Slide Show template using HTML, CSS & JavaScript (w/ jQuery). S6 started as a rewrite of Eric Meyer's S5 using the jQuery JavaScript library – offering easier to understand and easier to extend code.

[edit] HTML Slidy

Similar to S5, from W3C.

[edit] HTML5 Slides

A slide presentation by Google using HTML 5 & CSS 3 features (e.g. CSS transitions). The Apache licensed presentation system is seemingly unnamed.

[edit] Landslide

Generates HTML5 slides (see above) from markdown/rst documents.

[edit] ShowOff

from Scott Chacon; it's a little heavier in the sense that it requires interaction with a custom Sinatra web application to work properly, even though the underlying slides are still HTML and CSS.

[edit] Slimey

A rough attempt at a web-based presentation editor. Works for basic use, but no updates in over a year. It produces an extension of the S5 format it calls "SLIM" (Slideshows Microformat). Includes the "Slime" engine to display these presentations.

[edit] Slidy editor prototype

An old attempt at a WYSIWYG slide editor using contentEditable. Not in a usable state.

[edit] Slideshow (S9)

Lets you create slide shows and author slides in plain text using a wiki-style markup language that's easy-to-write and easy-to-read. Supports S5, S6, Slidy, Google HTML5 Rocks, and other template packs.

[edit] HTML5 Slideshow

[edit] slideous

A Lightweight HTML Based Presentation Tool, inspired by S5 and Html Slidy

[edit] HTML5

[edit] Popcorn

Popcorn JavaScript Library can play video/audio and various other html elements (like footnote, slides, images ) over the timeline


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